Women Leading In Local

Do You Have a Career Fitness Plan?

A career fitness plan according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Your Blueprint for Career Advancement Needs”  can help you advance your career and even get out of a career rut.  Everyone at some point looks introspectively at improvement but have you every considered a career blueprint? Sue Shellenbarger in her article emphasizes that making a career fitness plan should be done quarterly and not take a lot of effort.  Some activities mentioned in the article to help you stretch your career muscles includes taking on pilot projects, examining how your work fulfills your needs and interests, working on expressing your skills and personal branding, and keeping your network up to date. Women Leading in Local events focus on helping women in local media develop their careers and network. At our latest event, Nancy Shenker, chief disruptive officer, author and entrepreneur of SheBoom and Kimberli Lewis of Global Business Therapy led the group through exercises in good communication and how to prepare your career for 2017.  Kimberli nimbly lead the women through a series of leadership training exercises in one hour that normally takes three days. Nancy talked about our  inner super girl emerges – no kryptonite (Know your kryptonite and avoid or eliminate it from your life, such as toxic situations like a bad boss or bad boyfriend). Women Leading in Local events are a great way to work on your career fitness by planning on attending one of our events in 2017. Check out our events page for upcoming opportunities to work out your career.

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Women Amplify March Message Via Social

The Women’s March on Washington in January started as a simple Facebook post that carried more than 3 million women to action locally.  The message went viral with gatherings happening in local US cities around the world.  March organizers listed more than 670 events nationwide and overseas in cities like Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Mexico City, London, Paris and Berlin. Women’s March organizers, who are all women, acted quickly utilizing low cost Facebook and other social channels to get their message out. Much like most start up small businesses, the organizers leveraged free and low cost digital media,  and specifically Facebook, on which consumers spend on average 22 minutes a day according to eMarketer.  The simplicity of Facebook to deliver a local call to action is a great example of how powerful social media is in communicating with an local audience. Instagram was also used with visual and #WhyIMarch and #WomensMarch hashtags. The visual of Instagram encouraged people to voice why they were marching and  connect with others who may have the same or similar reasons to join the march.  Continuing the conversation is key and the Women’s March organizers are actively using social media to help women organize and  huddle locally to keep their voices heard.

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Women In Local Media – Nancy Shenker & SheBoom

Yesterday at BIA/Kelsey’s Engage pre-conference Women Leading In Local  session sponsored by Advice Local, Nancy Shenker, media strategist and CEO of TheOnSwitch spoke about her new initiative, SheBoom, and offered advice on career development for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. She has worked at the C-level of big brand companies and helped 100s of small businesses prosper through her work.  She is also the author of  “Don’t Hook Up with the Dude in the Next Cube: 200+ Career Secrets for 20-Somethings,” and is involved in several non-profits championing mentorship and education. Nancy led the women attendees through some interactive activities, to identify our inner superpower and kryptonite as a way to bring out what qualities help us be successful in our careers.

She also spoke about her new initiative, SheBoom, a site where women come to learn and share how to make the most of their business and their lives. SheBoom is supported by Booker and delivers an interactive community by and for the millions of women service business owners who have limited time and resources to find trends and education about business growth.



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BIA/Kelsey Engage

Best Practices for the LCU

May 16-18, 2016
Austin, Texas

This case study-driven conference will deliver powerful, tactically focused discussions on mobile, social, marketing automation, content marketing, programmatic and sales strategies across the Local Commerce Universe (LCU).

Attend to make sure you accomplish all of your goals this year.

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BIA/Kelsey Brands

The Brand-to-Local Marketing Summit

March 22, 2016
New York, NY

Be part of this unique summit that will examine the trends and technologies driving an estimated $61 billion in spending by brands, agencies and franchisees to target local audiences.

Attend to understand your best play in the brand-to-local marketing opportunity.

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BIA/Kelsey Now

Feb. 18, 2016
Seattle, WA

This high-energy meetup is focused on the latest developments in the local on-demand economy.

Attend to hear what the best and brightest minds have to say about this important area of local and location marketing.

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Big Ideas for Serving Small Business

BIA/Kelsey SMB: Big Ideas for Serving Small Business

September 29–30, 2015 in Denver, CO

Women LEADING IN LOCAL will have a networking meetup event for the women attending the SMB conference sponsored by Advice Interactive Group.

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