The Women’s March on Washington in January started as a simple Facebook post that carried more than 3 million women to action locally.  The message went viral with gatherings happening in local US cities around the world.  March organizers listed more than 670 events nationwide and overseas in cities like Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Mexico City, London, Paris and Berlin. Women’s March organizers, who are all women, acted quickly utilizing low cost Facebook and other social channels to get their message out. Much like most start up small businesses, the organizers leveraged free and low cost digital media,  and specifically Facebook, on which consumers spend on average 22 minutes a day according to eMarketer.  The simplicity of Facebook to deliver a local call to action is a great example of how powerful social media is in communicating with an local audience. Instagram was also used with visual and #WhyIMarch and #WomensMarch hashtags. The visual of Instagram encouraged people to voice why they were marching and  connect with others who may have the same or similar reasons to join the march.  Continuing the conversation is key and the Women’s March organizers are actively using social media to help women organize and  huddle locally to keep their voices heard.